Are You Living With PTSD?

PTSD is rooted in anxiety stemming from past experiences with stressful or disruptive events. The brain is altered as a result of PTSD, changing the way the affected person interacts with the world around them. TMS is able to target the affected areas to stimulate under-active cells and bring other regions of the brain back to normal functioning levels.

Though TMS may not cure PTSD, it is a promising treatment, and can even function as an alternative to medications or talk therapy. It will help to reduce the symptoms of PTSD over time so they are more controllable. In a recent study regarding the effects of TMS on PTSD, one-third of patients experienced significant improvements in their symptoms of both PTSD and depression. In a separate research study with veterans, 70% of participants no longer met the criteria for PTSD after they completed TMS treatment. TMS treatment for PTSD is FDA-approved and covered by Tricare – find a provider near you today.